Facebook Leads Don’t Suck. Your Funnel Does.

If you want to escape the torture of cold calling and heavy phone sales, keep reading…

All industries are different and you need a different game plan when marketing to different types of industries. 

The problem… everyone is expecting to run an ad on Facebook and start generating tons of leads & sales. 

It will work for some, but not all. And this is the reason most people fail running ads and get discouraged. 

This approach…

Works better for: gyms, yoga studios, real estate, supplemental health insurance, some types of life insurance like final expense (still better to provide value first), etc. 

Doesn’t work well for: most types of life insurance, investments, all other industries whose products aren’t in urgent need. 

If you didn’t know, I was a stock broker for almost 6 years and cold called for the better part of that time. Some days, I, including some of the best salesmen in the room, couldn’t even get 5 people to just agree to getting a brochure and business card in the mail. It was brutal!

My sales process went something like this…

  • Cold call every day
  • Mail out a business card and brochure to the few people who gave their info
  • Called them a week later in an attempt to get them to open an account with me on a small investment
  • Call them back again, and again, and again

Sometimes, I’d have to show them a winner, or 2, or 3, and have multiple follow-up calls to get them as a client of mine!

That’s a lot of upfront investment – time and money. But, once they became a client and started buying more stocks it was all worth it!

So, why would you think that just showing someone an ad would bypass this whole process?

You need to build relationships and provide value first – sometimes, again and again – before they will trust you enough to buy from you.

The best part of online marketing is that you can automate this entire process by letting technology do most of the heavy lifting. 

There are stages in marketing funnels, different prospect awareness levels, and tactics that should be used to move people along the “customer journey”. 

Blog posts, lead magnets (e.g. checklists, how to invest for maximum upside, average costs of app development), automated email and/or Facebook messenger sequences, automated call scheduling, and the list goes on…

We get a lot of our business from people who’ve entered their email address, watched a video, never filled out an application or booked a call, but eventually responded to a second or third automated follow-up email. Now that doesn’t mean people don’t book calls immediately, but in reality only a small percentage do.

Again, you need to nurture leads, build relationships, provide value upfront, and then will have a money generating pipeline of great leads

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