Alternative Search Engines You Can Use And Explore For SEO

The search engines that people typically focus on are Google and Bing. The former is the leading search engine on the internet and holds a monstrous reputation when compared to the rest. Not only is Google the most used, but it also offers a wide range of features that makes it the search engine you need to focus on. However, there are a number of other alternative search engines that you can explore, both as a user and as a marketing agent looking to promote a website for the use of SEO.

Furthermore, for all the ease that Google and Bing provide, they do end up tracking and storing your searches and recommending ads based on that. If you want to find other search engines that don’t make use of what you do privately, here are some great options:


If your main concern against the use of Google or Bing is their tracking of your personal data, DuckDuckGo is the best alternative search engine for you. This search engine gives you everything you would want, from a clean layout to quick and extensive searches. Although its algorithms may not be as accurate as Google’s, DuckDuckGo offers the ultimate privacy options for you. You can search with ease knowing that none of your searches are going to be logged somewhere.

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DuckDuckGo Alternative Search Engine


Twitter might not be the first thing to come to anyone’s mind when they think of search engines. After all, it’s very much a social networking platform where people can share their thoughts and relay things they find interesting. That’s just what makes it such an apt search engine.

Twitter’s search options provides you with a runtime feed of everything that’s going on. You just need to enter some event or any piece of relevant news and you’re bound to get second by second updates on it all. Moreover, you can also search older news titles and get a good highlight reel of everything important that transpired in it via the top tweets.

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Twitter Alternative Search Engine

Another unconventional search engine that gives you an alternative to Google or Bing is This search engine leads you to relevant wiki articles from all around the internet. If you value the information provided by community websites such as Wikipedia, will find your results directly from them.

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Wiki Alternative Search Engine


Happen to be on the conservative side of the spectrum? If so, you would want your searches to contain less of mainstream liberal media and more of headlines and search results you won’t normally find on the front page of a Google search. What you need is Gibiru.

Supposedly based on a modified Google algorithm, Gibiru calls itself the search engine for patriots. More than just having a modified Google algorithm, Gibiru also doesn’t use cookies to find information from your device. This specification has led to claim that their search engine is faster than the NSA’s.

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Gibiru Alternative Search Engine


Search engines are more than just a simple tool we can use to find information on random searches. They are our gateway to the world and can be used to find a varying stream of information from all over the world. Yandex is one such search engine that provides us with another perspective. The leading search engine in Russia, Yandex also has the very cool feature of allowing users to search for the files they stored on the cloud based Yandex Disk right from the search bar.

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Yandex Alternative Search Engine

Internet Archive

Remember reading something ages ago but you realize that it’s disappeared from the internet? Chances are that the Wayback Machine will likely have it in one place or another. The Internet Archive has extensive records of what existed on the internet but was taken down. Although a lot of the records aren’t there in their full or original form, the Wayback Machine still holds memories of times gone by. It’s the internet’s history book.

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Internet Archive Alternative Search Engine


These alternative search engines are great to use and perform really well for their specific functions. Although not all of them might be what you’d consider for SEO, they still present a great option for you as a user and as a content marketer. Do you know of any other great alternatives?

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