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With over 15 years of experience in all areas of digital marketing, we've developed strategies to help businesses of all sizes lower their marketing costs, increase conversions, and rank higher in search engines.

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Guaranteed Health Options

When their campaigns just weren't returning a profit, Guaranteed Health Options called upon our expertise for an online advertising makeover. After crafting new landing pages, Google and Facebook ads, a new website, and tons of A/B tests, we were able to increase their monthly leads by over 250% while reducing their cost per lead from $40 down to just $9!

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PPC Management Case Study
The team at Emerge are true masters when it comes to Digital Marketing. They not only designed a beautiful new website for me, but have helped grow my business 10 fold. None of the other companies I used in the past even came close to the results I get with Emerge. The best of the best!
Michael A. Digital Marketing Testimonial
Michael Asciolla Red Carpet Limousine

Case Study

YIM! App

Tell the world, change the world. YIM! (“Why I Am”) is what social media was meant to be – express the unique YOU beyond the reach of toxic trolls and nattering nabobs. According to Chris from Harborfields High School, “Finding a safe place on the Internet is like finding water in the desert.” So we built a safe place.

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Mobile App Development Case Study
Emerge Digital has totally exceeded our expectations! Prior to working with them we had a website and campaigns set up for our business that were getting us nowhere! We then were referred to Emerge Digital who took our ideas and made an amazing website with outstanding custom design and our marketing performance sky rocketed! I highly recommend this company and our business is so grateful to have had the pleasure and success.
GHO Digital Marketing Case Study
Mary Falco Guaranteed Health Options

Case Study

Stony Brook Foundation Campaign

This interactive and informative mini-site was created to show appreciation to all Stony Brook University and Hospital donors. A custom CMS (Content Management System) was developed using Laravel to manage the stories and content. Be sure to check out the one-of-a-kind interactive donor contribution map!

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Web Design Case Study
If you are looking for someone who is multi-talented in many aspects of our new world of Digital Technology start with a simple email and see where it takes you......you will be pleased!!!!!
Robert H. Digital Marketing Testimonial
Robert Hernandez Invent-On-Time


Facebook Leads Don’t Suck. Your Funnel Does.

February 19, 2020

Majority of people are expecting to run an ad on Facebook and start generating tons of leads & sales. This won’t work for most types of businesses. You need to create a marketing campaign that moves people along an ascension path.

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Facebook Lead Ads vs. Landing Pages

November 30, 2019

In this video I share some tips on what you can do to get more high quality leads from Facebook Lead Ads.

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Finding better audiences to target on Facebook using the affinity score

November 26, 2019

Want an instant performance boost in your Facebook advertising campaigns? Then stop competing with everyone else! Use the affinity score in Audience Insights to fine tune your audience and drive more leads and sales.

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